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Garage Floor Shelters

Uncompromising durability meets subterranean security. These Garage floor models boast a fiberglass bottom built to last a lifetime with a steel sliding door for access. Drive right over the flush-mounted entrance, transforming your car into a natural shield that deflects falling objects while keeping the passage clear. A come-along winch empowers easy door opening from within, even if something heavy decides to take a nap on top.

Lifetime warranty against cracks and leaks.

We have two options:

LifeGuard Underground Garage Floor Shelter Unit

LifeGuard delivers a robust steel storm shelter for 6-8 people, safeguarding you through any storm while offering comfortable removable seating. Experience security and peace of mind with dimensions of 84″ long, 42″ wide, and 54″ high (7ft x 3.5ft x 4.5ft), providing ample space for your family.
This model features removable stairs that also reconfigure into additional seating. Please note that 3-4 cubic yards of sand backfill are required to prevent settling under the concrete.
While the listed price includes the shelter itself, it does not include the cost of sand, as pricing fluctuates greatly depending on your location. Expect a range of $250-$400.

Financing Available!

Explore our financing options, making reliable storm shelters accessible to every family. Invest in protection! 

GF6 Storm Shelter

Our spacious model boasts a generous 4’6″ wide door that stretches roughly 10’6″ long, providing ample entry and exit space. Stepping inside, the interior unfolds to reveal a comfortable 5′ wide by 6’8″ long floor plan, standing 6′ tall. Built-in bench seating flanks both sides, creating a cozy haven for relaxation or conversation. Should the need arise, the central floor space between the benches offers ample room for two people to lay down.

In terms of capacity, this model comfortably accommodates up to four people per side, with an additional spot in the stairwell, bringing the total potential to nine occupants. However, for optimal comfort and safety, the shelter is officially rated for 6-8 individuals.

Placing your phone near the air vents can allow cell phone service. For added peace of mind, this model comes equipped with a come-along tool stored inside. In case anything ever obstructs the door, you can easily hook it up and pull it open. Just like its smaller counterpart, this model seamlessly integrates with your garage floor, sitting flush with the concrete.

Requires 18 yards of sand backfill. This is used so that there will be no settling underneath the concrete slab.

*The quoted price does not include the cost of the sand in your area. Pricing for sand is different everywhere you go it will range between $500-700.

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