Steel Safe Rooms

Experience ultimate protection with our Above Ground Safe Rooms, ready to withstand an EF5 tornado and provide your family with the best defense. Your safe room is crafted to your specifications—choose the size, accommodate the desired number of people, and customize to fit your preferences. Your safety, your way.

Standard Models

Depending on your available space and the number of people you’re accommodating, choose the size that fits your needs. We have many standard sizes to choose from.

safe room

Customized Models

Tailored to your needs, our custom safe rooms offer flexibility in size and design. Whether you prefer extra room, a specific door position, or swinging options, we build to your specifications.

Steel Above Ground Safe Room

With the option to go standard size or custom built to whatever size u want, you can use these models as a closet and have it hidden behind a door. Match the design to the interior of your home too!

These provide protection against home intrusions.

Standard Features

  • Bulletproof window featuring 4 layers of 3/8″ polycarbonate glass that shield you from harm while letting the light shine through.
  • 1/4 Plate Construction: Our safe rooms feature quarter-inch steel plate construction for robust durability.
  • Inside Steel Frame support.
  • Steel Plate Floor: Unlike other safe rooms, our units boast a full plate floor, providing enhanced stability.
  • 3/4 Anchors: Anchored with 3/4-inch bolts, exceeding industry standards for added security.
  • 5 Point Locking System: Equipped with four three-quarter inch slide deadbolts and a keyed deadbolt for comprehensive locking.
  • Benches and shelves are additional cost.
  • Custom Paint Options: Personalize your safe room with your choice of paint color. Standard is gray, or for a $250 upcharge, select any Sherwin-Williams color.

Window Installed Safe Rooms

Our latest safe room come with, Bulletproof windows featuring 4 layers of 3/8″ polycarbonate glass that shield you from harm while letting the light shine through.

Financing Available!

Explore our financing options, making reliable storm shelters accessible to every family. Invest in protection! 

Standard SIZES:

●   4×4: Two to four people.
●   4×6: Four to six people.
●   4×8: Six to eight people.
●   5×7: Eight to ten people.
●   6×8: Ten to twelve people.
●   6ft tall unless ordered taller.


$750.00 Deposit

Secure Your Family

Your Trusted Partner in Family Safety.