Safe Rooms

Above Ground Safe Rooms

Our steel safe rooms are ready to handle an EF5 tornado. Protect your family with the best.


We offer custom safe rooms whatever size you want we will build!

1/4 plateOur safe rooms come with quarter inch steel plate construction.
Steel plate floorOur rooms also come with a steel plate floor. Unlike other safe rooms where the walls are fastened to the ground with a piece of angle iron, our units have a full plate floor.
3/4 anchorsOur safe rooms are anchored with 3/4-in anchor bolts that are four and three quarters of an inch long exceeding the industry standard. Most units use a 5/8 anchor bolt 4 in Long.
5 Point Locking SystemOur safe rooms have four three quarter inch slide Dead bolts along with a keyed deadbolt.
Paint colorChoose your paint color! Standard color is gray for a 250 upcharge you can choose whatever color you would like that Sherwin-Williams offers.

Custom built just for you! Whatever size you like, or tell us how many people you would like to accommodate and if you would like to have extra room or not. You can have the door position anyway you like, and even have it swing in or out.

Standard sizes

  • 4×4. Two to four people.
  • 4×6. Four to six people.
  • 4×8. Six to eight people.
  • 5×7. 8 to 10 people.
  • 6×8. 10 to 12 people.
  • 6ft tall unless ordered taller.

Depending on how much room you have and how many people you’re trying to accommodate will determine the size of the room.

These are bolted down to the concrete in your garage or an existing slab.

Give us a call of send us a message and we will help put together a plan to protect you and your family 940-218-3356