Storm-Tek SS6

Product Specifications:

This model is 5’ wide x 81” long – almost 7’ and it is 58” tall. This model has a lot of floor space due to only having bench seating on the two sides. 

If you put your phone by the air vents you still have full service

The hole size needed for the installation is 11 ft x 11 ft. 

When we dig the hole, we need enough room to put the dirt next to the hole. There will be excess dirt when the job is done. When we are finishing the install, we put extra dirt on top to account for the settling process. The homeowners are responsible to take care of the leftover dirt. Depending on the location and job, we can haul away the leftover material at an additional cost. This needs to be discussed prior to installation.

Product Demo:

Product Details:

The quoted price is assuming that you are within 75 miles of Sherman, TX, 75090
We go all over the state of Texas and Louisiana. There is an extra charge for mileage this is something that we have to quote based upon what city you live in.
Jack hammering and Rock Removal
The quoted price assumes excavation to the proper depth (as specified in the plans) without needing a jackhammer. Should jackhammering be necessary due to unforeseen rocky conditions to reach the required depth, an additional 1,000 fee will be applied. While most jobs require only one day of jackhammering, If jackhammering extends into a second day due to unforeseen circumstances or increased complexity, an additional $1,000 fee will be applied.

Minimum 6’6 width.

During the installation, we carry the shelter onto the property with a mini excavator. In some situations, we have lifted the shelter higher than the fence on the side of the house and driven it into the backyard. So, depending upon the site and the location, width does not always determine everything if we can lift the shelter higher to get it in. If there is a wooden fence, typically one panel is removed and then reinstalled when the job is complete. Sometimes there is a gate on the side of a house and we have to take out the gate along with the two posts to do the installation and then put it back when we are done. It is an additional cost.

Typically 4-5 hours

We bring the shelter and the anchoring system on a 25-foot flatbed trailer with an excavator.

Depending on the job site-location, sometimes we park in the street and carry everything into the backyard. Other times, we drive into the backyard with the equipment. It depends on the job.

All shelters are installed with an anchoring system that prevents the shelter from floating out of the ground.

The anchoring system was engineered by the factory that has been manufacturing since 1998. It is a proven system that works very well.

Any shelter with no anchoring system can float out of the ground. This is not a problem that we experience because we have a proven system.

The ventilation for the shelter is protected by the door.

The benefit to this is that when debris falls on top of the door it does not block ventilation no matter what gets thrown on top you will still always have air ventilation. This video shows the ventilation system and the locking mechanism.

Proper site preparation or selecting the right location and elevation for the shelter will ensure that water cannot come inside the unit through the ventilation system. If there is standing water in your selected shelter location then a new location would need to be selected or raise the elevation in that area with the leftover dirt from the installation.

Elevation of the shelter installation can help overcome standing water issues. The only way for water to get in through the ventilation system is for the water level to rise up to 5 inches deep next to the ventilation system.

This is not something common in a normal backyard setting.

Ground conditions can vary greatly depending on location and weather. To ensure the best decision, we'll call you in advance to discuss your specific location and the expected ground conditions. Even if rain is forecast overnight, it doesn't automatically mean a delay. In some locations, heavy rain can saturate the ground, making it unsafe to proceed with installation. For other locations, the ground may remain firm and installation can still happen as planned. We'll work with you to determine if the ground is safe to proceed on, prioritizing a smooth and successful installation. If there's any uncertainty, we'll reschedule to ensure optimal conditions.

At the factory, we manufacture and finish all of our underground products in the same facility. We do not outsource any of our fiberglass products. That’s what has made us successful for more than 20 years. In September of 2001, we had designed a certified door system that was subject to debris impact testing at Texas Tech University.


Actual cost:


Deposit amount:


6-Person Inground Storm Shelters.

Price subjected to change depending on location
You will need to message us for a firm quote

Current price is assuming you are within mileage.
Also assumes we do not hit rock when digging the hole. Please message us if you have any questions

Storm Tek SS6


Please provide the information below and we’ll contact you about purchasing your storm shelter.
Important to Note: If a customer is not approved for financing, any deposit will be refunded.


($750 deposit is required on all shelters)

You can apply for financing after paying the deposit. All deposits are refunded if you are not approved for financing.



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Product Qty Unit Price Price
Storm Tek SS6 1 $ $
Deposit 1 $ $
Remaining Amount (Upon Completion) $

(We will send you a copy of this contract in an email once you are finished.)

Texas Storm Shelter Guy - All Rights Reserved
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  1. The customer is hereby notified that the manufacturing warranties are by the manufacturer.
  2. Installation warranty is by the Storm Shelter Guy, for a period of one year from the installation date.
  3. The customer agrees to hold the contractor harmless from yard and driveway damage caused by equipment during installation. Furthermore, the contractor is only responsible for bringing the yard back to rough grade. The customer agrees to detour any above ground water away from the shelter. The customer understands that settling of ground around shelter is normal and expected and agrees to add soil around shelter as needed.
  4. The customer understands that if rock or other obstructions prevent the equipment from digging the hole, or if underground water or any other unseen situation exists which causes delays or requires additional labor or materials to properly install the shelter, the customer will incur an extra expense. The extra expense will be billed separately on another invoice. If the installer hits solid rock a $1000 charge for jack hammering will be applied. If a second day is required an additional $1000 will be applied. 99% of all jobs the Jackhammering is completed in 1 Day.
  5. The customer accepts full responsibility for selecting a location for the shelter that is flood free. The shelter must not be installed where water may enter the shelter.
  6. The customer will select the location of the shelter. The customer also agrees to pay $75 per hour to Storm Shelter Guy for extra expenses caused by delays.
  7. Storm Shelter Guy is fully insured and is responsible for following the manufacturer’s installation instructions.
  8. When the customer chooses to perform their own installation, they accept full responsibility for any damages caused to the shelter after delivery. The customer accepts full responsibility for following proper installation procedures.
  9. Purchasing or obtaining of a permit, if required, is to be the responsibility of the customer.
  10. Installation of the storm shelter is to be the responsibility of Storm Shelter Guy.
  11. Based on the terms set forth on this agreement, the price of the storm shelter to the customer shall be $ including tax.
  12. The customer agrees to pay $750.00 upon signing this agreement and agrees to pay the remaining balance, plus any additional costs not foreseen because of underground obstructions (as mentioned in paragraph 4). A convenience fee will be applied to the remaining balance if a credit card is used.
  13. The customer and Storm Shelter Guy have read this purchase agreement to the binding terms set forth herein on the date of the signature below.
  14. The customer may cancel this transaction at any time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of this transaction. Upon which deposit is non-refundable.
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