Financing Options

12 Month 0.0% Same-as-Cash

Storm Shelter Loans for all Grades, MIN 570 Credit Score:
Did you know that you could qualify for a home improvement loan even
with challenged credit or past credit problems. Many feel that they
need to have good or excellent credit to have a loan approved for them.
But this is not the case anymore. Many homeowners are having a change
at claiming a home improvement loan. Credit scores can be as low as 560.

The applicant must be the homeowner and show proof of ownership (Mortgage, Deed, County Records, etc.)

Loan rate is 2.99% regardless of credit score

1. Rate is 2.99% regardless of credit score
2. It is an unsecured loan
3. Max term is 60 months
4. Loan amounts can not exceed $35,000.00

Qualifying for Membership-TFCU Membership is $5.00:

1. If a person is or was in the military.
2. If a person has a family member who is a member or qualifies for membership.
3. Another way to qualify members is to have them join one of our Business Partner organizations: Jump$tart, It requires a $10.00 donation
4. All funded loans are paid via check and mailed to you at this time

We will send you updates on the status of the application